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    Since its inception in 1948, Elsro has manufactured heavy duty asphalt plank industrial flooring and protection course products. Elsro began operations in 1948 as Elsro Asphalt, and was located in the province of Alberta, Canada. In 1987, Elsro was incorporated and opened their U.S. branch in Colorado. In 1994 Elsro, Inc. became a separate entity no longer affiliated with Elsro Asphalt. Today, Elsro, Inc. is U.S. owned and manufactures out of modern production facilities located in Evans, Colorado.

    Elsro has a proven track record of providing high quality, extremely durable industrial flooring and protection course products. We remain committed to this high level of service and quality and welcome the opportunity to personally talk with you regarding your needs and how we can meet them here at Elsro.

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    Contact us by phone at (970)330-4844 or 1-800-252-0501
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    114 37th Street
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