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Bridgemate is specifically designed to be used as a protection course for waterproofing membranes on bridges, tunnels, parking garages, etc. Because of our unique inter-locking system, only ONE layer of Bridgemate is required to provide extreme resistance to ballast rock penetration. In addition, salts do not cause any breakdown of the product. It surpasses the ASTM D517 specifications for protection course materials for rail bridges and provides the ultimate in durability, toughness, and protection for waterproofing membranes. Compatible with virtually all waterproofing membrane systems, Bridgemate provides an excellent protective surface that will last for years on bridge decks and tunnels of all types. Bridgemate is ideal for both new and remedial waterproofing applications.

Bridgemate Protection Course Plank is made to exacting specifications for hardness and brittleness, uniformly shaped by extrusion, and then die-cut.