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    This smooth, dense asphalt plank floor tile is specifically designed to protect floors from damage due to heavy equipment traffic, while providing underfoot comfort for human traffic. It withstands the abuses of most commercial, military, industrial facilities such as postal work rooms, bottle docks, freight depots, printing facilities, etc., both indoors and outdoors. Comfortwalk has also been successfully used as acid resistant flooring, as a method of encapsulating vinyl asbestos tile (VAT), and has proven to be an economical alternative to asbestos abatement. With an expected life of more than 50 years, Comfortwalk is a cost-effective alternative to wood block, rubber, epoxy, composition, and vinyl flooring.

    The combination of long life, low cost, underfoot comfort, and ease of use have made Comfortwalk Industrial Flooring the choice for U.S. Postal Service for over 50 years. Comfortwalk meets U.S. Postal Service (USPS) Flooring Section 09621 - Asphalt Plank Flooring. Our new 1/4 inch thick tile is ideal for "medium standard" postal facilities.

    Comfortwalk Industrial Flooring is an asphalt composition floor tile made to exacting standards for hardness and brittleness. It is uniformly shaped by extrusion and then die-cut.